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Grenke Australia

Location: Sydney and Melbourne

Customer since: 2019

Company size: 15+ employees

About Grenke Australia

Grenke's story began in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1978. The business grew to include Grenke Australia with Sydney and Melbourne offices in 2017 and continues to focus on its core services of IT and equipment leasing.

Grenke is committed to supporting small and medium businesses with their product and service range, which includes office furniture, printing equipment, machinery and IT hardware.

Their Problem

As a leasing business, using and understanding the PPSR is integral to Grenke's credit risk management.

The team offer a vast product portfolio across two states, and as such, need to manage thousands of PPS registrations at once.

Victor, Grenke's Managing Director in Sydney, approached CreditorWatch for a simpler way of registering on the PPSR that reduced the margin of error.

PPSRLogic was an obvious choice: the award-winning portal instantly identifies missing and incorrect information on registrations.


Our Solution

Grenke Australia credits PPSRLogic as the reason for their significant drop in errors when creating PPS registrations, and the higher productivity of the team.

A registration is void if it contains mistakes or missing information, so it's imperative that it's accurate. PPSRLogic also offers templates and a bulk registration upload which fast-tracks the entire process and frees up time for the Grenke team.

Find out how your business can also transform the PPSR process.

"Your platform has made our life easier. When you want to strive for performance and efficiency, a platform like PPSRLogic is a step forward to get there." - Victor, Grenke Australia


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