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Huon Aquaculture

Location: Tasmania

Customer since: 2017

Company size: 700+ employees

About Huon Aquaculture

Proudly Australian family-owned and operated, Huon Aquaculture has been farming top quality salmon in Tasmania’s pristine waters for over 30 years.

More than 700 staff across Australia, including biologists, divers and accountants take pride in the production of premium fresh and smoked salmon products.

The 'Huon Method' is based on innovative and ethical farming practices and guides everything the company do in the hatchery, smokehouse and the processing facility.

Their Problem

Huon Aquaculture are a rapidly growing company with a global reputation, so needed a more innovative way of protecting their security interests on the PPSR.

Huon's credit manager Shirley was entering 5-10 PPS registrations a day on the government's PPSR website, but found the process slow and limiting.

This registration method was time-consuming, tedious and didn't offer Shirley and the team any customer support when she had questions.


Our Solution

Since finding PPSRLogic, Shirley's typical work day has become a lot more simple and streamlined. Courtesy of PPSRLogic's bulk upload feature, Shirley estimates she's saved up to an hour per registration.

Managing and renewing existing registrations is also a lot faster - it's something that CreditorWatch's development team prides themselves on. Our user-friendly interface has even won an award.

Shirley says:

"I like that CreditorWatch’s PPSR portal is easy to use and that I can always contact someone if I need support. It has saved me time and money and made life a lot easier.”


"With CreditorWatch, everything is in one place and one price. I am able to bulk upload PPSR registrations and manage my registrations within the portal." - Shirley, Huon Aquaculture


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