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Wilkinson Seafood

Location: Queensland

Customer since: 2018

Company size: 30+ employees

About Wilkinson Seafood

Wilkinson Seafood has been a family-run wholesale seafood supplier since 1985, founded on the principles of personal service and quality products.

The Queensland-based team supply a range of Australian and imported seafood products from as far as Logan to Lennox Head.

The directors have more than 30 years of combined industry experience and all their staff are hand-picked, so the knowledge and passion within the company is second to none. Their reputation is well known across the state.


Their Problem

The accounts team at Wilkinson Seafood have always had credit and debtor management processes in place, but were after a more innovative tool and enhanced data to be able to trade confidently.

They turned to CreditorWatch to improve the way they do their due diligence as well as chase their debts from late-paying customers with more authority.

Wilkinson Seafood are more confident in the customer decisions they make because of the tools available to them on CreditorWatch.





Bags of pippies

Our Solution

CreditorWatch's extensive unique business data sets has helped Amanda from Wilkinson Seafood's accounts team stay on the front foot when dealing with new and existing customers.

She's improved her business relationships by reaching out to slow-paying clients and proactively changing her payment terms, based on the payment data on her customers' credit reports.

Amanda from Wilkinson Seafood says:

You may think a person is increasing their buying with you because their business is growing, where in fact it could be that they have a large outstanding debt with another supplier, therefore using you as a scape goat.

Continuous updates of details from ABR or ASIC and other customers of CreditorWatch has been of great assistance.”

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“I love CreditorWatch and how payment defaults can be flagged to other customers to gain knowledge of the industry and how the debtor is paying” - Amanda, Wilkinson Seafood


How well do you know your customers?

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