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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions

General questions

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  • Can anyone see which businesses I have in my Customer list?No. Your Customer list is completely confidential and cannot be accessed by any other CreditorWatch user.
  • How do I edit my personal, business or credit card details?Sign in to your account, click on the 'My Account' dropdown, then click 'My Account' and click 'Update My Details'.
  • Can I change plans?Yes. Sign in to your account, click on the 'My Account' dropdown, then click 'My Account' and click 'Change My Plan'.
  • Which plan is the best for me?The best plan for your business depends on the number clients you have. We recommend a plan that allows you to monitor all of your clients as well leaving space on your Customer list for prospects.
  • How do I add a business to my Customer list?Once you have a CreditorWatch account, simply search for any business you wish to add to your Customer list, select it and choose 'Monitor for changes'.
  • How long will a business remain on my WatchList?A business will remain in your Customer list until you remove it.
  • How do I remove a business from my Customer list?Search for the business, then click 'Remove' next to the business you wish to remove.

Dispute, default & documents

  • When should I register a default against a company?You can register a default if payment is overdue and the debt is over $100. You must first attempt to recover the default and then notify the debtor that you intend to register the default on CreditorWatch. Registering a default against a business should be one of the last steps you take in recovering a bad debt.
  • How do I register a default?You must be a CreditorWatch customer to register a default. Click here to become a member. Search for the business you wish to default. Next, add the business to your Customer list then click 'Register a default'. You will be required to upload a document. Fill in the document detail fields and click upload document. If you are unable to upload a document from your computer, you can fax the document to CreditorWatch.
  • What happens if the default has now been paid?If you registered a default which your customer later paid, you must edit it to advise that the debt has been settled. To do so, click on the document status and select 'Settled'.
  • How long does a default remain on CreditorWatch?5 years.
  • Who can see the defaults registered against a business?All CreditorWatch customers can see defaults that have been registered against any business.
  • Where do I find defaults I have registered?Once you have signed in, click on the 'Defaults' tab on the dashboard.

Debt collection and legal action

  • Is CreditorWatch a debt collection agency?CreditorWatch is the step prior to engaging a debt collection agency. The service aims to help businesses avoid having to use a debt collector by identifying bad debtors and assisting to make better credit decisions. The use of the CreditorWatch collection tools such as the membership logo encourages customers to pay their bills on time.
  • How does CreditorWatch fit in with legal action?CreditorWatch is a cost effective step prior to engaging a lawyer for debt recovery as members can advise their clients that they will be registered if payment of outstanding debts are not made. The logo also acts as a method of encouraging payment. However, if court action has already commenced or if you have already hired a lawyer, CreditorWatch acts as a complementary tool to collecting overdue debt.

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