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Business Credit Score

Business credit reporting

With CreditorWatch, you can affordably reduce the risk of bad debts and avoid bad debtors by performing a simple business credit score on potential new customers before you commit your business to supplying them. We offer an affordable business credit reporting tool designed for Australian businesses of all sizes.

Traditionally, credit history reports have not been affordable or accessible for smaller businesses. Large corporations could access a credit rating check with relative ease, ensuring that their customers were reliable payers or else take proactive steps to reduce the risk of bad debt before they committed their business.

Smaller businesses were not so well informed and the risk of accruing bad debt from poorly performing companies was much higher. CreditorWatch has helped to changed that.

Comprehensive credit reports

Our comprehensive credit reports are produced with information gathered from multiple sources including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Business Register (ABR), Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA bankruptcy data), as well the Australian Courts, debt collection agencies and our own extensive databases, including payment defaults and receivables data.

On top of this data, we will also look at things like an entity’s age, the industry they operate in and the historical performance of the directors. Our business credit score reporting tools provide you with an exhaustive snapshot of a potential clients financial health to help you better manage your own debtor risk and maintain the health of your business.

We are Australian owned and operated, specialising in providing detailed and effective credit files which assist businesses of all sizes to retain their own good credit score by avoiding bad debtors. This includes ongoing notifications regarding the health of your current debtors so you’re aware when defaults have been filed against them, if they have been served with court notices and whether they have filed for insolvency. With CreditorWatch you can access a credit history report on any business or company operating in Australia and build a company credit profile which puts you ahead of oncoming bad debt.

Access to debtor credit history will help you to better manage your cash flow before you commit to trade, and our ongoing monitoring services offer you the ability to be proactive before your customers begin to fall behind on their payments. We offer a suite of accounts receivable tools which can assist you in streamlining your debt collection process. These include official reminder notices or the ability to register a default against a slow paying debtor.

CreditorWatch already helps over 50 000 businesses around Australia to better manage their business credit risk by avoiding high risk debtors and assisting when needed to ensure customers pay bills on time. We aim to help you trade more effectively. We are constantly innovating our technological suites to ensure we are offering the best company credit rating scales available, that our accounts receivable tools remain as streamlined and intuitive as possible, and that our databases remain reliable and secure.

If you want to ensure the health of your business, choose to partner with CreditorWatch. Don’t allow the poor performance of other businesses to affect your company credit score and get in front of bad debt with an accounts receivable process that works. We offer a comprehensive free trial offering you a taste of the kind of proactive debtor management CreditorWatch can help you achieve.

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