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Commercial Credit Report

Understand your business' credit risk

A commercial credit report from CreditorWatch follows the same basic process as traditional credit reports you might have experienced when you applied for a personal credit card, except it gathers commercial credit history against a business.

Our commercial credit reports provide suppliers with a thorough understanding of what kind of risk their business will be taking on with any new debtor.

A commercial credit report from CreditorWatch contains a thorough credit history of a business entity trading anywhere in Australia. If you intend to commit your company to supplying a debtor, or to extend a line of credit to another business, wouldn’t you want to be confident they were going to pay their invoices on time? That’s where we can help.

Our credit watch services

CreditorWatch does more than provide a simple commercial credit report for a business that you nominate. We continue to monitor that business (and all your other customers) on your behalf and alert you immediately of any changes to that entity’s credit status.

Armed with both an initial snapshot of the credit health of a business as well as ongoing credit risk monitoring, you can adequately and safely trade with even bad debtors by minimising their risk of bad debt against you or managing your accounts receivable process to avoid unpaid debt.

The best way to maintain healthy accounts and the right cash flow moving through your business is to get your invoices paid on time. It’s worth noting that when you extend a line of credit to another business, the risk is very similar to a short-term business loan. You would expect that business to first undergo extensive checks as part of their credit application. These credit enquiries would quickly establish what kind of credit risk exists and how you should proceed, which might include steps like demanding an upfront deposit or enforcing late payment fees to encourage timely payment.

CreditorWatch is an Australian owned and operated credit reporting agency which specialises in providing accurate and timely commercial credit information on any business you intend to or are currently trading with. We do this by accessing reported information on the business credit history of any company that you nominate from a range of reliable sources which include the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Business Register (ABR), Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA bankruptcy data), as well the Australian Courts, debt collection agencies and information we have gathered from our own extensive databases. A business credit profile from CreditorWatch will tell you, at a glance, whether an entity that you are currently trading with or are looking to trade with owes any outstanding debts that other companies are struggling to claim; whether that business has any outstanding court actions against them, and whether the director have filed for insolvency in the past. Basically, our reports include information which may directly affect whether you should consider trading with them or what steps to take if you already have outstanding invoices.

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