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Corporate Account

Get more out of CreditorWatch with our tailored corporate plans

Corporate Account

A corporate plan gives you access to more data, reports and features. this type of plan will also provide flexibility and a greater level of support to ensure you get the most out of your account. Please contact us for more information and we can set up a free trial and online demonstration.

Graph outlining overdue payments

Debtor Logic Plus

Deteriorating payment behaviour is a lead indicator that a debtor is in financial difficulty. DebtorLogic Plus helps you better understand what sort of credit risk a customer represents to your business by looking at how they pay their bills across the market.


We can provide a number of datawashing options to assist with credit risk management such as flagging high risk customers that should either be avoided or ranking your customers based on their credit score. Datawashing can also be used in a sales capacity to identify healthy prospects for credit limit increases or up-sell opportunities.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your AM will be able to assist you with anything from simple queries you might have about your account like resetting your passwords and searching for a company, through to more complicated requests such as datawashing and identifying high risk customers you are currently dealing with. They will ensure you have your account set up properly so you get the most out of it and reduce the credit risk that exists in your business.

Access to Connect

An online trade bureau giving you access to additional data within your industry. It allows members from the same industry to confidentially communicate with one another, identify common delinquent customers and reduce 'supplier hopping'. Connect members will receive email alerts for any defaults lodged by another Connect member regardless of whether they are monitoring the debtor.

Discounted Reports

On top of credit reports you are also able to access government documents for ASIC company extracts, PPSR searches and Bankruptcy reports. Signing up to a corporate plan gives you access to significantly discounted reports. For example: a current ASIC company extract costs up to $20.90 with an online plan versus up to $15.90 with a corporate plan.

Invoicing rather than credit card

Invoicing gives you more flexibility than a credit card as you are provided with a simple itemised invoice outlining your purchases for the month. Invoicing also - eliminates the need to keep your credit card up to date when it expires or you receive a new one. Simplifies your expense process if a company card is not available to you. Provides payment terms to improve cash flow.