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Payment Defaults

View and register defaults against non paying businesses

What are Payment Defaults?

A default is a black mark against a customer’s credit file indicating they have failed to pay a debt, or are a slow paying customer. It is visible to anyone who purchases their credit file and other CreditorWatch users will automatically be alerted when a default is registered.

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What do they do?

A default will often prompt a customer to settle their debt with you as it will be visible on their credit file for up to five years and can affect their credit rating. Defaults can be updated or settled when a customer pays their outstanding debts.

What does it cost?

All CreditorWatch users can register defaults, there are no additional fees.

CreditorWatch Tip

Register a default against older debts that you have written off in the past. There’s a good chance the customer will get knocked back for an account elsewhere and they’ll likely come back to you and settle their debt.

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