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Mix and match our credit reporting, monitoring and debt-collection tools to get a true insight into your financial position. Streamline onboarding, increase cash flow, reduce risk and spot debtor red flags before they impact your business.


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All-in-one Credit Management

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Onboarding & Procurement

credit applications

Streamline your customer credit application process with ApplyEasy. Our onboarding tools replace time-consuming manual processes with a professional automated form. Smart logic and an intuitive dashboard help simplify your internal approvals and decision-making.

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Create Custom Applications

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Tools For All
Business Sizes

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Credit Reporting

All-in-one reports for deep insights

Our credit reports are a powerful way to uncover how much risk your business is exposed to.


With data pulled from 50+ sources and 11 million trade lines, our credit reports reveal high-risk indicators like payment defaults, administrations and court actions. CreditorWatch combines SME and corporate trade payment data for deep, actionable insights.

Customer Management

Stay One Step Ahead
of Your Competitors

Access more than 4,500 different searches and services thanks to our integration with the award-winning InfoTrack search portal. Discover more ways to get to know your customer or comply with legislation.

Searches available on a pay-per-click basis include land titles and property valuations, police checks, and KYC, AML, PEP and sanctions lists.


Monitor & PPS Management

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Reduce Debtor Risk

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Analysis & Risk Mitigation

Deep dive into your
customer base

Get clear on your level of risk with DebtorLogic and PPSRLogic. DebtorLogic automatically analyses your aged trial balance to help you identify potential problems and avoid bad debt. PPSRLogic is our award-winning platform that simplifies the way you create, manage and renew security interests so you’re always covered if a customer or supplier winds up.


Our Product Suite

CreditorWatch’s suite of API-integrated reporting, monitoring and 
debt-collection tools cover all your credit-risk management needs.

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Solutions for your
business needs

Onboarding Templates
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Create Custom

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Over 55,000+

Monitoring UI
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In-depth Customer Monitoring

Risk Mitigation
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Understanding Payment Trends

What our customers say

Within 15 minutes of receiving an application, we can process it, approve it, register it with PPSR, and send the customer a welcome pack.”

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