ASIC Document Image Search

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the document delivered?

A PDF of the document will be emailed to you within minutes. We will then set you up with a CreditorWatch Express account to make purchasing additional products in the future easier and quicker. Purchases will also be stored within the account for future retrieval.

Why are Document Images important?

For anyone thinking of investing in, or doing business with a company, Document Images can provide quick and easy information about the company. Of particular importance are Financial Statement, Annual Reports, Director appointments/cessations and Share changes.

Why are there different priced ASIC Documents?

The number of pages determines the cost of the document – less than 10 pages and more than 10 pages.

Who would use a Document Image?

Document Images are important when:

  • Offering an account to a new customer
  • Taking on a supplier that is critical to your business
  • Acquiring or buying into a company