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Price per Current Extract $30.90 $26.40 $25.40 $24.40 $23.40
Savings Every Recharge* - $13.50 $49.50 $130.00 $315.00

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"The real time info we receive through the CreditorWatch system has provided us with the earliest possible warning of delinquency. I would recommend their services to all."

FujiFilm Australia Pty Ltd

"I have found CreditorWatch to be very useful to use before accepting new clients, it offers that extra protection knowing who are are taking on as a client."

Ausworld Group Pty Ltd

So how does the Auto Recharge Amount work?

  • When creating an account your card is charged the Auto Recharge Amount.
  • Each time your account balance reaches zero your account is recharged with the Auto Recharge Amount.
  • And remember, the higher the Auto Recharge Amount, the bigger the discount!

Credit card charges will appear as "CREDITORWATCH PROTECT NORTH SYDNEY".

Please make sure you have read and agreed to the CreditorWatch Express Terms of Service and confirm, where purchasing on behalf of another entity, that you are an authorised representative of that entity.

Please Note, by clicking "Create My Prepaid Account" you agree:
  • Your card will be charged the Auto Recharge Amount immediately.

  • Each time your account balance reaches zero your card will be charged the Auto Recharge Amount.

  • If your credit card fails to process you will update your credit card details within 5 working days.

  • You understand prepaid amounts cannot be refunded.

  • You will verify your email and mobile to activate your account after clicking the "Create My Prepaid Account" button.

  • You understand you may be required to provide details to validate ownership of the provided credit card.

  • Prices can be subject to change without notice.

  • When you make purchases using your account, the prices for the products are based on your last recharge amount at the time of the purchase.

CreditorWatch Express Prepaid Accounts

  • Efficient way to purchase ASIC and CreditorWatch products
  • The more you prepay the greater the discount you will receive
  • You can adjust the Auto Recharge Amount from within your account at anytime.
  • No monthly or annual fees

Contact Us

  • Phone: 1300 50 13 12
  • Mail: GPO Box 276 Sydney, NSW 2001
Telstra Business Awards 2014
* Savings based on the amount of possible Current Extracts you can purchase per recharge, compared to the price non-account holders pay.