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Locatrix got customers paying faster using CreditorWatch Collect.
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About Locatrix

Locatrix helps save lives. Providing businesses and government with spatial mapping and emergency preparedness applications, Locatrix enable the easy capture and sharing of critical building information and online safety inductions to keep workers safe, mitigate risk and aid first responders during emergencies.

Their Challenge

Prior to implementing CreditorWatch Collect, collections was a manual process for Locatrix. 

This was time consuming and wasn’t getting Locatrix the results they needed when it came to getting paid.

The Solution

As a happy CreditorWatch customer already, Amanda heard about CreditorWatch’s new automated collections tool, CreditorWatch Collect.

With goals of streamlining their processes and making life easier for everyone involved, they decided to give it a try.

“Rather than us keep employing more staff, we can streamline what we’ve got and make life easier. CreditorWatch Collect has definitely helped.”

The Results

Six months in and CreditorWatch Collect has had a significant impact on collections for Locatrix.

Not only has Amanda and her team’s workload reduced (over 1,000 reminders have been automatically sent during this time using CreditorWatch Collect), but money is coming in faster. And in the current economy that’s no mean feat.

Key results for Locatrix are:

  • A 50% decrease in 60-day debtors. Their 60-day aged receivables halved from 14% to 7%
  • Customers paid 26% faster. Average days delinquent reduced by 26%, from 17 to 13 days.
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