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Discover how Officeworks makes faster and easier risk management decisions with CreditorWatch.
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About Officeworks

Officeworks has been a household name for more than 25 years. Based in Melbourne with 167 stores across the country, Officeworks is Australia’s top provider of office supplies, furniture and technology. Their extensive range also extends to student supplies, art supplies and print and copy facilities. 

Whether you’re looking to set up a home office, fit out an entire business or follow your creative pursuits, Officeworks is committed to providing consumers with low prices and helpful service.

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Their Problem

Before becoming a CreditorWatch customer, Officeworks was already performing its due diligence before introducing new customers on credit terms. However, the team sought a simpler and faster way to perform their credit risk management, as well as streamline their collections process.

Avinash Fauzdar, Officework’s Credit and Accounts Payable Manager, recalls how difficult and time-consuming it was to understand their credit reports.

He says:

“Before CreditorWatch, our main challenge was actually understanding the credit reports: there was too much information and some of it wasn’t relevant to us.

We were using a similar product to DebtorLogic with a competitor. They emailed credit reports to us, but we found it difficult to analyse the information because of the way it was presented.”

“I’d recommend CreditorWatch for its simplicity. The credit reports and credit risk information are easier to understand and this saves me a lot of time, which I can use to focus on other aspects of the business.” – Avinash, Credit and Accounts Payable Manager at Officeworks

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Our Solution

Officeworks became a CreditorWatch customer in 2019 and has since been benefitting from the simplicity that the platforms provide. In particular, ApplyEasy has reduced the time and effort required to keep on top of the credit applications being sent in.

Avinash says:

“Our credit application process was similar to what it is now, but ApplyEasy offers a broader view of where the business is sitting with credit applications. This gives me more visibility and reduces the manual output required.”

Avinash has also seen changes in the way his team perform collections with DebtorLogic, CreditorWatch’s ATB-analysis program.

“DebtorLogic has definitely helped us reassess our collection strategy.

It has been very useful in helping us understand our customer base and highlighting the industries we need to focus our collection efforts on. After uploading our ATB, we decide how to plan our collection process based on the report that we receive.”

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