debtor management

Escalate overdue debt in seconds and get paid

When you’ve taken all the right steps but your invoices are still being ignored, Debtor Management helps you escalate the matter with proven collection letters, created for you in just a few clicks.

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improve cash flow

Recover 53% more from overdue debt

Reduced cash flow can have significant impact on your business, from limiting your ability to pay wages, utilities and tax liabilities, to ordering supplies. In extreme cases, late payments can even lead to insolvency.

Debtor Management creates collection letters with the ‘CreditorWatch member’ logo included. They are proven to increase recovery rates by up to 53%, helping you unlock working capital.

Letter of demand
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Letter types
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operational efficiency

Save time and reduce manual work

We automatically create the most suitable collection letter for you to use based on the overdue invoices you’re escalating.

You can also choose from a range of CreditorWatch member branded templates that are proven to increase recovery rates by up to 53%.

No more creating collection letters manually!


Prioritise your collection efforts with ease

All of your overdue accounts appear on a single page so you’ll know which debtors require escalation.

Use insights such as payment risk level, overdue amount and days overdue on the same dashboard to help you prioritise your collections efforts with ease.

Prioritise collections
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Take action
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manage risk

Take further action from the same dashboard

Add late paying customers to your monitoring list so you’ll know when adverse risks arise, or register a default if they fail to settle their debt after a formal notice is sent.

automated collections

Looking for a proactive, automated approach?

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CreditorWatch Collect automates your collections workflow.

  • Create your own collection process workflows
  • Custom email and SMS reminder templates
  • Case Management tool
  • Reporting Dashboard
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Collect standard workflow

Don't believe us? Hear it from our customers.

“Getting started with Debtor Management was a breeze. Within 10 minutes, we had acquired reminder letters for 65 of our customers.

In just 7 days, we successfully recouped over 50% of our overdue amounts, which amounted to over $500,000. “

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