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A.C.N. 061 063 303 PTY LTD

Credit Report

Summary Information

Main Name A.C.N. 061 063 303 PTY LTD8 OTHERS - CLICK TO VIEW ALL
ABN 33 061 063 303
Registered Date
Entity Status Active
Entity Type Australian Private Company
GST Status Registered for GST (from 01-07-2000)
ABN Last Updated 18-06-2020
ACN 061 063 303
Registered Date 23-07-1993
Next Review Date 01-03-2025
Status Under External Administration And/Or Controller Appointed
Company Type Australian Proprietary Company
Class Limited By Shares
Regulator Australian Securities & Investments Commission

ASIC Data - Directors / Addresses / Shareholdings

Search for information on a company, and identify directors with a history of running failed entities.

  • Director Details - Addresses & Date of Birth*
  • Cross Directorships*
  • Shareholders and Share Structure*
  • Company Addresses*
  • Company Status*

Risk Data

Recognise high risk indicators that could impact a company's ability to pay your invoices.

  • Payment defaults
  • Court actions
  • Insolvency notices
  • Mercantile (debt collection) enquiries
  • Critical ASIC documents

Credit Score

Safeguard trading decisions using statistically based credit scores to determine the level of risk associated with an entity.

  • Instant credit risk rating
  • Suggested trading recommendation
  • 12-month historical score

Payment Predictor

See how individual companies pay other suppliers to predict how they will pay you

  • 12-month historical trend
  • Payment insights
  • Credit exposure
  • Overdue amounts


Automated customer risk monitoring will alert you when a customer's circumstances changes. Alerts cover adverse changes such as payment defaults, court actions, director changes, financial distress and administrator appointments.

  • Respond to changes quickly
  • Add and remove customers as required
  • Receive alerts as they happen, 24/7

Historical Timeline

Identify positive and negative behavioural trends by reviewing an entity's historical timeline, detailing events from the registration date to present day.

Business Names

A registered business name is a trading name under which a person or entity carries on business or trades. A business name extract enables you to identify the entity carrying on a business under a business name and it's contact details.

9 Business Names

A.c.n. 061 063 303 Pty LtdRegistered Name (Current)ASIC
Gallagher Political RiskBusiness Name (Historical)ABR
Gallagher Trade Credit & SuretyBusiness Name (Historical)ABR
Gallagher Forensic Accounting ServicesBusiness Name (Historical)ABR
Gallagher Trade CreditBusiness Name (Historical)ABR
Gallagher Broking ServicesBusiness Name (Historical)ABR
GallagherBusiness Name (Historical)ABR
Gallagher Affinity ServicesBusiness Name (Historical)ABR
Gallagher SolutionsBusiness Name (Historical)ABR

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