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Our Features

Credit Reports


Perform credit checks on new and existing customers. With a CreditorWatch credit report, you gain valuable insights into the credit risk of a company.

We have access to more than 50 sources of data, some of which are entirely exclusive to CreditorWatch.

Credit Scores


Discover the probability of a company failing in the next 12 months and make more informed decisions about your debtors.

A credit score includes six risk levels from low to critical and is formulated using a business' credit information and history.

Monitoring and Alerts


Monitor your customers and receive real-time alerts when important changes occur.

For your peace of mind, we watch your customers 24/7 and email you when a debtor stops paying other customers, goes into administration or is taken to court.

Debt Collection Tools


Chase unpaid debts by automating your debt collection process.

Our branded letter of demand templates have been proven to encourage slow debtors to pay. There's also a 53% increased chance of receiving a late payment when you use the CreditorWatch logo on your statements.

Payment Defaults


Payment defaults are a powerful way to get paid. Warn other businesses against non-paying debtors by lodging a payment default.

Over 90% of CreditorWatch customers refuse to engage with a company that has one.

High Risk Summary


Identify the customers in your database that pose the biggest credit risk to your business.

In one list, keep a watchful eye on businesses that have adverse information, including court actions and payment defaults.

Payment Predictor


Use the payment predictor to find out a company's payment history and compare it to the industry average.

You'll gain insights over the last 12 months to help address failing payment behaviour.

Accounting Integration


Speed up your credit risk management processes by integrating your Xero or MYOB account with CreditorWatch.

This helps small businesses make faster decisions and access even more beneficial data to do their due diligence.

Additional powerful features


Use our industry-leading trade program to analyse your ATB and identify customer payment trends. Discover your high-risk debtors and prioritise your collections to prevent bad debt.

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Financial Risk Assessment

Analyse your trading partner's financial data and assess their financial health. A Financial Risk Assessment report is generated by AI technology and is custom analysed by a financial expert.

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Portfolio Health Check

Cleanse your database by identifying your riskiest customers, validating your data and removing incorrect information. Cleaner data will help you make more accurate credit decisions.

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50,000 Customers and Counting

Our customers are everything to us. We work with a range of Australian businesses, from sole traders and SMEs through to ASX-listed companies. We empower our customers to assess their business' credit risk through innovative products that are affordable, effective and easy-to-use.

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