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Company Credit Check

Perform a company credit check

Many companies perform vigilant business checks and perform ongoing due diligence on their customers, like credit risk monitoring, as simply par for the course. This allows them to more accurately mitigate credit risk and avoid bad debt in the future.

More often than not, large scale businesses have entire departments designed and skilled in maintaining their credit terms and recovering outstanding money they are owed. However there is no reason Australian businesses of all sizes can’t access the same tools and develop effective and accurate credit screening policies.

Access credit management tools

CreditorWatch is the commercial credit watchdog already helping over 50,000 Australian businesses to stay on top of their credit risk with a thorough company credit check performed on new and existing debtors.

We are offering businesses of all sizes a comprehensive accounts receivable management tool, as well as a host of other tools they can use to more accurately monitor their customers and mitigate risk exposure for now and in the future.

If an individual chooses to apply for any type of credit, they can expect to hand over their personal information in order for entities like the major banks and credit search companies to allocate a credit score to their risk profile. Whether they are applying for a loan or credit card, their credit file is accessed up front to ensure that their credit history is a reliable reflection of the risk they pose to a lender.

So why don’t businesses employ the same risk assessment structure with a company credit check before they begin trading? Or, even better, employ a constant business credit check service which keeps watch of a commercial credit file for any important changes or issues which might crop up?

CreditorWatch is not only an organisation that provides company credit checks and credit ratings on debtors you have on your books. We can offer you a complete suite of tools which you can use to better manage your credit risk and streamline your accounts receivable processes. Get access to various resources you need to recover your outstanding debts like the issuing of official letters of demand, using our logo on your invoices to encourage prompt settlement and even ‘next step’ processes like registering a default against a debtor’s commercial credit report.

Our credit management tools are offered as an easy to use online platform which generates ongoing corporate credit reports on your debtors using information gathered not only from our own extensive databases but also from sources which include the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Business Register (ABR), Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA bankruptcy data), as well the Australian Courts and debt collection agencies.

Offering your goods or services before payment is really no different than a bank extending a company a business loan, so why shouldn’t that company undergo the same company credit check steps a business lender would subject them to?

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