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CreditorWatch RiskScore

Better predict a business's likelihood of failure with our company credit risk score. Watch CEO Patrick Coghlan in the video below explain the benefits of RiskScore to your business.

What is RiskScore?

Do you need to perform a company credit check in Australia? Do your due diligence with our credit risk score.

CreditorWatch RiskScore is the most predictive company credit score and rating system in the market. Utilising sophisticated machine learning technology and multiple subsets of unique data, RiskScore helps you assess a business’s creditworthiness and predict their likelihood of default in the next 12 months.

With RiskScore, you can make smarter decisions about who you do business with.

How does RiskScore work?

RiskScore assesses the risk level of a business using three distinct categories of data:

  • Tradeline behavioural data: CreditorWatch’s 55,000+ customers deliver over ten million monthly trade lines from small, medium and large businesses. This unique business-to-business transaction data includes both positive and negative repayment behaviour from corporate ATB uploads and SME payment data from Xero and MYOB.

    CreditorWatch is the only Australian bureau to gather payment information directly from small businesses and was the first bureau globally to create a one-click integration with Xero and MYOB for our customers. The unique trade payment data gathered through this integration is the most predictive early warning indicator for future defaults and credit risk.

  • Business demographic risk data: This includes geographic risk clusters that capture economic stress associated with a business location and factors that capture business maturity, entity type, industry and tax status. Natural language processing is also applied to business names to classify high-risk business types.

  • Traditional credit risk drivers, including court judgments, bankruptcies and insolvencies.

Company credit score information

RiskScore is for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Generally, company credit score information has not been an affordable option for small and medium-sized businesses to access on a regular basis. That is, of course, until now.

In addition to RiskScore, we offer a suite of affordable account management tools dedicated to helping small businesses and owner operator outfits manage their cash flow more effectively with long-term debtor solutions.

Whether you’re performing a company credit check on a public company, sole trader, trust or other type of entity, RiskScore calculates a numerical credit score between 0-850. The higher the score, the lower risk the entity poses to your business.

RiskScore also ranks entities based on their riskiness with one of 14 credit ratings, from A1 to F. These ratings are categorised within eight risk levels from very low to default, so you can clearly determine the business’s creditworthiness just by glancing at a credit report.

Download the brochure for more detailed information on how RiskScore works.

What is a credit score?

A company credit score works exactly the same way a personal credit score does. It takes information about a business and how well it has met its financial obligations in the past and includes checks made on whether they pay their bills on time, have been taken to court or is a serial late payer, all of which are leading indicators of the health of a business.

Just as if you would apply for a credit card and your personal information is taken to access your credit history, a company credit score is produced off the back of credit information collected on the business.

Your own company credit score

It is also worth accessing and monitoring your own company credit score to protect against the possibility of fraud or other illegal activities committed under your own business name. Identity theft is one way that your business credit score can be severely affected over a very short period of time.

However, with a regular monitoring service dedicated to notifying you of any sudden credit changes to your business credit files, you will ensure that you remain informed about your company credit score at all times.

About CreditorWatch

CreditorWatch acts as a corporate credit score provider, accessing any business or company trading in Australia. Our business credit report is compiled from a search of credit information available from our not only own extensive databases, but also from the information made available by other reporting entities like the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Business Register (ABR), Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA bankruptcy data), as well the Australian Courts and debt collection agencies.

On top of company credit scores and credit reports, we offer ongoing, real-time monitoring of your customers. This includes regularly accessing their credit rating score using the information we are constantly gathering. You are then notified immediately of any changes that occur to your customers.

We can help to ensure that your debtors adhere to your invoice terms and conditions, for example, by including our logo on your invoices, which may encourage businesses to settle their accounts with you promptly. We can also assist with providing assistance for ‘next step’ procedures like issuing official letters of demand to late payers or even, if the situation calls for it, to register a default against one of your debtors.

If you’re interested in finding a long-term solution to debtor management and ongoing company credit score information that will help you to make smarter business decisions, then we would like to help. Follow the link below to find out how you can register for our free trial and discover for yourself how easily you can integrate our account management solutions into your accounts receivable process, starting today.

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