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Bankruptcy Plus

Assess individuals behind a business

What is Bankruptcy Plus?

Historically bankruptcy searches have been expensive and often not performed due to the expense of each search. Bankruptcy Plus has been developed in light of customer feedback and is an exciting new product that will assist you to look closer at the individuals behind a business. Bankruptcy Plus subscription model proactively flags possible bankruptcies and allows you to perform searches across multiple individuals.

With the support of Australian Financial Security Authority (ASFA), historical bankruptcy data allows for additional alerts and monitoring within your CreditorWatch account, updated hourly and aids bankruptcy searches. Search director names, date of birth or location to enhance your credit risk assessment and proactively flag possible bankruptcies and reduce the costs of NPII Reports.

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The Benefits of Bankruptcy Plus

  • Identify bankrupt, or previously bankrupt, individuals
  • Seamlessly integrated into existing commercial credit reports
  • Run reports on directors, sole traders, partners or guarantors
  • Reduce your reporting costs with an affordable monthly subscription

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