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Enhanced Credit Reporting

Choose the information you need and customise your report

Build your own business credit report


We recognise that you might need additional reports or data elements within your business credit report. Rather than purchasing them separately, you can pick and choose the reporting elements you want and build your own credit report.

In the CreditorWatch application, simply click ‘Build a Report’ and purchase elements such as an ASIC extract, Credit Score, Payment Predictor, PPSR searches or Ultimate Beneficiary Report.

The total price will be bundled for you based on your selections.

Benefits of building your own credit report

  • Select multiple reporting elements to purchase at one time
  • Receive one convenient and organised report
  • Reduces the hassle of ordering multiple reports for the same business
  • Save your preferences for future reference

You can even auto-purchase credit reports to ensure you’re accessing the most up to date information, improve efficiency and better manage reporting costs.

Credit report automation


In addition to building your own credit reports, Enterprise customers have the ability to automate the order of specific credit reporting elements within a credit report.

This includes the credit score, payment predictor, ASIC extract (if ASIC data is not up to date) and PPSR searches.

When a credit report loads, these elements will be live and ready to view automatically.

This is ideal if you...

  • Run regular reports and want to save time
  • Want to ensure your credit team is ordering the correct reports with the latest information
  • Use trade credit insurance - this ensure you order a report that satisfies your discretionary limit policy requirement

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