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Enterprise Plan

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Whether you want to complement or replace your existing processes or providers, CreditorWatch has a complete product suite available for corporate organisations. Our enterprise plan gives you all of the benefits of the CreditorWatch platform combined with an extended suite of products and features. It will be customised to suit any requirements, regardless of the size of your company, database or risk appetite. Our end to end product suite will allow you to stay on top of your risk from acquisition, to onboarding and beyond. Stay up to date with accurate information and remain compliant with laws and regulations.

CreditorWatch is an innovative, online platform which provides credit risk information on every business entity in Australia, including companies, sole traders, trusts and partnerships.

Enterprise Benefits:

  • Access Enterprise features and products (see below)
  • Indepth and custom credit reporting
  • Unique datasets
  • Ongoing support and training from a dedicated account manager
  • Flexible monthly invoicing

ApplyEasy enables you to transform your paper credit application process into a simplified, customised, online form. Your company-branded ApplyEasy website allows your customers to apply for credit online and significantly reduces the time it takes to approve applications.

Benefits of ApplyEasy:

  • Applicant data is validated by CreditorWatch in real-time
  • Customers no longer have the option to skip mandatory questions
  • Easily manage all applications through a dedicated online inbox
  • Automated credit reporting and decisioning
  • Integrate to ERP/CRM via API
  • Register on the PPSR

Create, manage and renew Personal Property Securities Registrations (PPSR) with an easy to use interface. PPSRLogic offers a better way to manage and stay on top of your security interests, saving you time, money and stress to your business in the event of a customer’s insolvency.

Benefits of PPSRLogic:

  • Condensed and easy to navigate templates allow registrations to be completed faster
  • Integrate PPSRLogic with ApplyEasy
  • Easily make amendments or discharge registrations
  • Import existing list of PPSR registrations
  • Receive alerts for registrations that are expiring – never miss a renewal!

The CreditorWatch API offers a faster, automated way to access CreditorWatch data. Seamlessly and securely integrate our products directly into an ERP, CRM or third-party system to access data in real time.

Benefits of API:

  • Integrate credit reports, credit scores, risk alerts, ASIC extracts and more
  • Easy to implement and install
  • Receive ongoing technical support from CreditorWatch
  • Approve applications instantly

Director Due Diligence

When it comes to mitigating risk to your business, performing due diligence on the director’s past and present behaviour should be a vital step. Adverse director information can be flagged with our Director Due Diligence feature. This feature will identify if a director is bankrupt or if there are any cross directorships, which could be signs of illegal activity.

Benefits of Director Due Diligence:

  • Identify bankrupt or previously bankrupt individuals
  • High match algorithms to identify variations in names, addresses and date of birth
  • Seamless integration into existing commercial credit reports
  • Run reports on directors, sole traders, partners or guarantors
  • Identify cross directorships
  • Receive alerts when the company you are monitoring has an adverse change


Stay ahead of oncoming bad debt and manage credit terms better by identifying your best and worst customers with DebtorLogic. Learn how customers pay their bills across the market, allowing you to prioritise the best way to collect outstanding debt.

Benefits of DebtorLogic:

  • Get to know your customers better, identifying best and worst payers
  • Prioritise collections based on payment data
  • Reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • See if an entity’s credit score has changed dramatically within the last month

Portfolio Health Check

CreditorWatch’s Portfolio Health Check provides a comprehensive view of your database, empowering you to easily validate information, improve accuracy and prepare for integrations, requirements, etc. A Portfolio Health Check can be used for a variety of reasons from updating your customer data or providing a renewal list for PPSR.

Benefits of a Portfolio Health Check:

  • Validate entity details and attempt to match entities missing ABNs or ACNs
  • Append a credit score for risk information
  • Quickly identify cancelled or deregistered entities
  • Update your master data with the most up to date information

Additional Searches and Services

Enterprise users get access to 4,500 additional searches and services from international reports to land titles and police checks to anti-money laundering, you’ll be able to meet compliance and standards for assessing companies and individuals:

Benefits of Additional Searches and Services:

  • Access all your reporting requirements from CreditorWatch
  • Visualise connections between directors, shareholders and other entities
  • Intelligent support available at the click of a button

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