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Payment Predictor

Find out how businesses pay other suppliers

What is a payment predictor?

The payment predictor displays a company’s payment history, including the average number of days that they take to pay their bills. Industry history is also available, so that you can compare how the business is paying in relation to other entities in the industry. This helps you identify and avoid slow paying businesses.

Check a business' payment history

See payment patterns over a 12-month period. Late payment invoices or deteriorating payment behaviour is a leading indicator of credit risk and should be addressed immediately if they are a customer or avoided if they are applying for credit with you.

Compare a business’ payment history with the industry

See payment patterns over a 12-month period in relation to the industry. Identify if the business’ payment habits are in line with the industry. If they are slower than the industry, this is also a good indication that this entity is slow paying debtor. If the industry is slow, this can be something to keep in mind for credit terms.

Statistical Breakdown

A statistics table provides a 12-month overview of the business’ payment history and a 12-month overview of the industry so that you can understand their credit exposure with other clients