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Step one

Perform a Credit Check

Log into your CreditorWatch account and search for any business in Australia to analyse their credit report.

Review your customer’s credit history and identify adverse information including registered defaults, court actions, insolvency notices and mercantile enquiries.

You can also purchase a company’s credit score and payment predictor information to populate the credit report with even more data. This will help you assess the company’s risk and payment behavior over a 12 month period before choosing to do business with them.

Step Two

Monitor your Customers

& Receive Alerts

It’s best practice to monitor all of your customers, so you receive email alerts as soon as an important change occurs that could impact your customer’s financial position, and ultimately, their ability to pay you on time.

You’ll be alerted to risky behaviour, like if your customer fails to pay another supplier, incurs a payment default or is taken to court.

This helps you make better decisions to protect your business, like reduce your payment terms. Proactive credit risk management is your best defence against bad debt.

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Step Three

Take action on the debtors in your High Risk List

Access your High Risk List in your CreditorWatch account. This list reveals which of your monitored customers poses an immediate credit risk to your business and demands action.

The High Risk List automatically populates itself by ordering your customers by their severity of risk.

These are the customers in your ledger to watch out for.

Step Four

Use Our Debt Collection Tools to Get Paid Faster

All CreditorWatch customers have access to a suite of debt collection tools for every stage of the accounts receivable process.

Send letters of demand and payment reminder notices with our automated templates, use the CreditorWatch member logo on your invoices to prompt payment and register defaults against non-paying customers.

It is possible to be a debt collector without straining your business relationships. Find out more about effective debt collection on our blog.

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