Get paid faster with CreditorWatch's real time credit reports and monitoring services

How CreditorWatch works

Here’s how CreditorWatch can help your business assess credit risk and avoid bad debt

Perform a business credit check

Search for any business in Australia to analyse their credit report. Review their credit history and identify adverse information including registered defaults, court actions, insolvency notices and or mercantile enquiries.

Monitor customers and receive alerts for important changes

Track your customers by selecting a business for monitoring. Receive email alerts as soon as important changes occur that could impact your customer’s financial position, and ultimately, their ability to pay you on time.

View the High Risk List and take immediate action

This list reveals which of your monitored customers poses an immediate credit risk to your business. Arranged by the severity of risk, it allows you to effectively prioritise your actions to reduce bad debt.

Get paid faster with our debt collection tools

Get access to a suite of tools to assist with improving your accounts receivable process. Use the membership logo on your invoices, send letters of demand and register defaults.

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How well do you know your customers?

Trade with confidence and reduce credit risk by reviewing your customers and prospects today.