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We track your customers’ activity day and night so you can focus on growing your business. You get real-time alerts when anything changes.

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24/7 Monitoring
& Alerts

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Securing your business

What is business credit monitoring?

Our 24/7 credit monitoring constantly watches your customers and automatically emails you when important information changes. This could be court action against them, non-payments to other suppliers or voluntary administrations. Monitoring for adverse events such as these gives you more time to grow your business and lets you sleep more soundly at night.

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In-depth Customer Monitoring

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More than 50 data sources

What we monitor to
protect your business

CreditorWatch We gather daily business credit score information on every company in Australia including exclusive data from 50+ public and private sources. These sources include the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Business Register (ABR), Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA bankruptcy data), as well as public records available from Australian Courts and debt collection agencies which may have registered defaults against your existing customers, providing the most comprehensive view of an entity’s credit risk.

Constant monitoring

The benefits of real-time risk alerts

Stay informed and get emailed automatically whenever new information about your customers and suppliers becomes available.

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Payment Predictor

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Monitoring & Alerts

Latest information and exclusive insights

Ongoing credit monitoring enables you to be vigilant of your trading partners and make better credit decisions. CreditorWatch empowers businesses with the latest credit information and risk insights. We are the most used credit bureau in Australia, with exclusive data from 50+ public and private sources, providing the most comprehensive view of an entity’s credit risk.

Customer Stories
“Live information comes through constantly and alerts me to issues other companies might have.”

Bris Aluminium’s accounts team has been using CreditorWatch’s alerts and monitoring since 2019 to stay informed about adverse customer information, particularly payment defaults and cross-directorships.

Bris Aluminium Office
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Bris Aluminium

Protect your business

with 24/7 monitoring and alerts

Watch over your customers and suppliers 24/7 and receive real-time alerts on adverse changes to your customer list.

  • Stay on top of your trading partners’ financial health and credit risks
  • Identify early warning signs of financial stress
  • Respond quickly to mitigate your risk exposure
  • Make better decisions to protect your business

Leverage CreditorWatch’s exclusive insights to secure your cash flow and prevent bad debt.

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