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We take the time, effort and guesswork out of onboarding new customers with our intelligent credit recommendations and automated ApplyEasy product.

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What is ApplyEasy?

ApplyEasy streamlines your customer credit decisioning process, saving you time and money. It replaces outdated paper-based manual processes with automated online forms, allowing you to simplify applications for your customers and speed up your internal credit process.

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Simple, automated customer credit checks

Fast, secure and accurate online credit applications to improve your customer onboarding process.

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Why automate your customer onboarding?

Automation of credit decisioning and customer onboarding lowers application turnaround times and improves your customer service. It also reduces the chance of human error, saving you time and money. Being an online platform, ApplyEasy eliminates the hassle of dealing with paper application forms.

Customer Stories
“Having ApplyEasy back then compared would have been simply brilliant.”

Since moving their credit application process to ApplyEasy, Brickworks has saved up to three days a month in administration and significantly reduced data entry errors.

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