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CreditorWatch’s integration with InfoTrack gives you access to additional searches and services, adding another layer of security to customer due diligence. Get a wider view of your customers’ property and asset ownership.


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Benefit from our comprehensive range of property searches and gain a full picture of your customers’ assets.

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Land title searches

Be more informed when giving credit

We give you greater transparency around your customers’ property ownership, meaning you are better informed. Our land titles searches provide information across all states such as the owner, land description, restrictions on use, mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements. A land title search gives you the complete picture and history of a property.

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Complete Property History

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Property valuation

When to use property valuations

A property valuation report provides a professional assessment of the market value of a property, conditions, recent and relevant sales history, rates, size of land and building, immediate issues and more. This is crucial information when deciding the credit worthiness of a customer.

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