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RiskScore indicates a business’ creditworthiness and predicts its likelihood of default in the next 12 months, utilising sophisticated machine learning technology and multiple subsets of unique data.

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How does RiskScore work?

RiskScore uses three categories of data to assess the risk level of a business:

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Customer Data

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Credit Ratings

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Low-cost risk management for all businesses

RiskScore tells you which of your customers are most likely to default in the next 12 months. Whether you’re performing a company credit check on a public company, sole trader, trust or other type of entity, RiskScore calculates a numerical credit score between 0-850. The higher the score, the lower risk the entity poses to your business.

RiskScore also ranks entities based on their riskiness with one of 14 credit ratings, from A1 to F. These ratings are categorised within eight risk levels from very low to default, so you can clearly determine the business’s creditworthiness just by glancing at a credit report.

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“We use the CreditorWatch credit scores on a daily basis to minimise our credit risk.”
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