Know your best and worst customers

Stay ahead of
bad debt

Take a proactive approach to debtor management to avoid non-payment and improve your collection rate.

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Debtor Risk

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Identify high-risk debtors

What is DebtorLogic?

DebtorLogic is an interactive trade program that provides a data-driven analysis of your Aged Trial Balance (ATB). Identify your customer and supplier payment trends across the market and determine their likelihood of paying an outstanding amount. DebtorLogic reinvents the way you collect payment, empowering you to better understand a debtor’s risk and minimise bad debt.

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Data Driven

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Understanding Payment Trends

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Avoid bad debt

Identify deteriorating payment behaviour

DebtorLogic helps you to assess payment behaviour to mitigate credit risk and avoid bad debt. Upload your ATB to track payment trends and stay on top of payment terms. Identify your best and worst customers by discovering who pays you and the market late. Compare your customers across industries and states using easy-to-read graphs and tables.

Hassle-free debtor management

Benefits of DebtorLogic

Reinvent the way you collect payment.

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Prioritise collections

Know your best and worst customers

Proactive debtor management helps you identify companies experiencing cash flow problems and those deliberately withholding payments. DebtorLogic is the only trade payment program that combines both small business and corporate trade data, providing an accurate picture of how a market gets paid. View your debtors’ credit profiles, likelihood of default and the riskiest debtors so you can prioritise collections.

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Assess Risk

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Customer Stories
“DebtorLogic assists us with our collection strategy and we can adjust credit limits according to a client’s current risk profile.”

CreditorWatch has helped the team at Jotun feel more confident about their debt collection process and proven a useful tool in helping them make the right decisions about their customers.

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