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Validate, clean and fill gaps in your data with a Portfolio Health Check to enable better decisions and more accurate insights.

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Cleanse Your Data

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What is a Portfolio Health Check?

CreditorWatch’s Portfolio Health Check provides a comprehensive review of your customers so you can validate their data, remove old and incorrect information, and identify high-risk businesses. Use extra details from our many data sources to gain insights and make better decisions – even when your database is thousands strong.

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Identify Risky Customers

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Cleanse Your Databases

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How does a Portfolio Health Check work?

A Portfolio Health Check cleans your customer (or supplier) database with a thorough 4-step process.

Our data matching, validation, reconstruction and standardisation process adds context to your existing records, capturing vital financial information from ASIC, ABR, AFSA, Australian courts, mercantile agents and CreditorWatch.


Common Questions About Portfolio Health Checks

Once we level up your data, your Portfolio Health Check is visually presented in a CSV file with the original database alongside it. This allows you to easily cross-reference both files, or simply upload your new file straight into your accounting or ERP software.

An optional visual analysis of your database will help you dig into the detail and make the most of your new and improved dataset.

The Portfolio Health Check will analyse key areas such as:

  • Data clusters and segments within your database
  • Segments that present significant adverse data
  • The data matching strategy in conjunction with ASIC and ABR
  • A snapshot of the entities with adverse data
  • A breakdown of each adverse risk factor
  • The next steps you should consider next

Portfolio Health Checks can be used by multiple departments to cleanse databases, such as finance, procurement, credit risk, accounts payable and receivable, sales, and marketing.

Find out how this leading Australian company benefitted from a Portfolio Health Check in this case study.

Dirty data can lead to invalid reporting, incorrect financial modelling, communication breakdowns with customers and big decisions that are made on what you think are facts – but often aren’t.

A Portfolio Health Check cleans your data so you can work more efficiently, manage your credit risk better, and get a highly accurate base from which to grow your business.

Learn more about the importance of data cleansing in this blog post.

We recommend a Portfolio Health Check every year – a good rule of thumb is before the end of the financial year or before PPSR renewals.

Yes, you need to be an existing CreditorWatch customer to get access to this service. If you’re an existing customer, please get in touch with your account manager. If you’re not already with CreditorWatch, you can try for free now.

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