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Five best Australian business podcasts to check out over the holidays 

With the holiday season slowing down, there’s no better time to reset and get reinvigorated with the best insightful and informative business podcasts to provide you with fresh ideas for the year ahead.  

From thought-provoking interviews with industry leaders to deep dives into the latest market trends, these podcasts will keep you engaged and entertained. Enjoy a mix of expert insights and practical tips that will elevate your business in 2024.  

Let’s break down five of the best business podcasts in Australia released this year including our picks for must-listen-to episodes.  

Best podcasts in 2023 to transform your business


1. Fintech Chatter Podcast

Fintech Chatter Podcast, hosted by Dexter Cousins of Tier One People, offers exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in Fintech in Australia. His interviews grant listeners valuable insights into the industry and how to utilise innovative fintech to transform your businesses.  

In episode 175, Dexter is joined by CreditorWatch CEO, Patrick Coghlan. The pair break down how CreditorWatch helps Australian businesses mitigate financial risk and gain invaluable insights covering the entire customer lifecycle. 

2. Fear and Greed

Led by business journalists, Sean Alymer and Michael Thompson, Fear and Greed is Australia’s most popular business podcast. Sean and Michael are not afraid to get into the nitty gritty with leaders and experts across Australia from tech start-ups to established equity firms. 

In the episode “The businesses most at risk from payment defaults”, Sean Aylmer speaks to Patrick Coghlan about the latest Business Risk Index data. They discuss rising business administration and insolvency rates in a post-COVID world, as well as which sectors are the most at risk of payment defaults. 

3. The MVP Podcast

The MVP Podcast sees 28-year-old Bishara Hatoum, CEO of Australia’s fifth fastest-growing company, dive deep with his entrepreneurial guests. The podcast seeks to explore just how a range of entrepreneurs across multiple industries have achieved their success, sharing meaningful insights and tips with listeners along the way.  

In episode 28, “Patrick Coghlan’s Strategic Leap to $100 Million”, Bishara chats with Patrick about how he disrupted well-established industries while pushing CreditorWatch to become a trailblazer in the credit reporting industry. This episode breaks down Patrick’s unexpected path and the strategies and wisdom he and the team used to compete against multi-billion dollar giants. 

4. 15 minutes with the Boss

Looking for exclusive access to advice and wisdom from Australian CEOs delivered in just 15 minutes? The Australian Financial Review presents this captivating podcast, hosted by BOSS Editor, Sally Patton. Each week, you’ll hear stories of success, failure and everything in between through interviews with Australia’s senior leaders.  

In an episode released on 28th November 2023, Sally speaks to Airtasker CEO, Tim Fung, on the redundancy that made his career. In a time of rising unemployment rates, this episode is a timely reminder to “never waste a crisis”, and that you never know when a perceived bad situation will be a turning point for the better. 

5. The Sounds of the Baskerville

In this entertaining podcast, Chris Baskerville, Businessman, Chartered Accountant, Liquidator, Bankruptcy Trustee, and State Managing Partner of a national firm (and now podcaster) shares his expertise and experience on business restructuring and insolvency alongside James Flaherty. The pair are often joined by interesting and informative guests, from Founders and CEOs to lawyers and specialists.  

In episode 57, Chris and James are joined by Patrick Coghlan, as they go through a wide range of issues from the fixed rate mortgage cliff to managing financial risks of your business.  Patrick gives his insights on what we need to do to prepare for a future insolvency rise, and whether businesses are better prepared for shocks post-COVID.  

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