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New ApplyEasy Features – July 2024

We’ve just introduced new features to our customer onboarding solution, ApplyEasy.

ApplyEasy customers can now:

  • Register goods and/or assets on the PPSR without leaving ApplyEasy
  • Pre-fill application forms on behalf of customers
  • Capture customer’s trade referee details upfront in your application form

Go the extra mile and fill out application forms on behalf of customers

Whether you complete the entire form for the applicant to sign, or simply initiate the application for them, this new feature will reduce the friction in completing forms so you can have them submitted to you faster and start trading faster.

Complete form fields on behalf of your customer

Protect your security interest in a few clicks

Streamline your onboarding process further by registering your security interests on the PPSR directly from ApplyEasy.

Register on PPSR from ApplyEasy

If you use CreditorWatch’s PPSR solution, you can register your goods and/or assets on the PPSR directly from ApplyEasy using your custom registration template to ensure consistency and accuracy.

When you’re making a registration, we pre-fill your registration template with the customer’s business details to make it faster and easier for you.

Check it out when you next login!

Don’t use the CreditorWatch PPSR solution? Get in touch below to learn more.

Get in touch

For more information or to ask questions about CreditorWatch’s recent and future platform enhancements, get in touch here. 

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Agnes Eswono
Head of Product Marketing
Agnes brings expertise across credit risk management, fraud, identity verification and compliance. She is passionate about helping businesses minimise and manage risk in an efficient manner while also improving customer experience. Agnes shares insights on best-practice processes and solutions that will deliver meaningful results to businesses.

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