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How to improve your business’s financial health

Australian businesses currently in a very fragile state due to the shifting and changing nature of the economy. It is important to focus on the financial health of your business and the steps you can take to improve it. CreditorWatch provides tools and monitoring systems that will assist you in making smart and informed decisions to protect and grow your business. In this article, learn how to safeguard your business from risky customer activity and adverse events.

CreditorWatch offers Australia’s most comprehensive and latest data on credit risk. Our monitoring and alerts tool allows you to become more aware of your customers’ activities. If your customer is engaging in risky activity, it could expose your business to unnecessary risks such as unpaid invoices and bad debt. By taking prompt action on any red flags, you can mitigate any potential risks and impacts on your business.

CreditorWatch’s real-time alerts notify you about adverse events and high-risk indicators, helping you protect your business. With 24/7 monitoring, you are never left in the dark about your customers’ activities. By keeping watch over your customers, you can maintain and improve the health of your business. It is especially important to stay updated about major changes that can detrimentally affect the overall success of your business such as deregistrations, administrations, liquidations and strike off actions. Leverage our exclusive data to predict future performance, make informed decisions and maintain a stable upward trajectory for your business.  

With the current fluctuating economic state of the world, it is inevitable that your customers’ financial health will change, potentially causing a knock-on effect on your business. Although you may not be able to control external factors, you can do your part in staying on top of your customers. CreditorWatch’s monitoring tools and credit reports can help to reveal insights about your suppliers, customers and any other partners that could potentially impact your business’s reputation and financial health. Performing ongoing credit monitoring helps you gain more control over your customers, empowering you to proactively implement risk mitigation measures such as adjusting credit limits, asking for cash on demand or expediting debt collection.

CreditorWatch’s broad suite of credit monitoring and risk management tools assist you in maintaining and improving the health of your business. Through ongoing monitoring, you can learn more about the companies you’re doing business with and make better decisions to prevent bad debt and secure cash flow.

To learn more about how CreditorWatch can improve the health of your business, book a free demo here.

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Bridget joined CreditorWatch as Coordinator of Communications and Marketing in June 2021. She is passionate about developing and communicating content that assists businesses of all sizes to be supported and protected to grow.
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