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Combining ApplyEasy with CreditorWatch means Florabelle could do their credit checks on prospective clients as and when they applied for credit.
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About Florabelle Living

Florabelle Living is an innovative homewares wholesaler offering a huge range of artificial flowers, plants and trees, as well as lighting, furniture and home textiles.

Established in 1982, Florabelle operates out of two showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne and sells products online, over the phone and through a national network of sale representatives.

The team pride themselves on their customer service and are committed to ethical sourcing and industry best practices.

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Their Problem

The team at Florabelle were searching for a more insightful way of doing their due diligence and checking potential new customers.

They were also using a traditional paper-based credit application that was complicated, prone to errors and rendered the process slow and inefficient.

Florabelle approached CreditorWatch to revamp their internal processes and improve the way they made credit decisions as their business grows.

“CreditorWatch offers great service. We’re supported by a great team of people and the product speaks for itself!” – Florabelle Living

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Our Solution

CreditorWatch’s credit reporting and monitoring tools integrate directly with ApplyEasy, our online credit application.

For Florabelle, this means they can complete credit checks on prospective clients while they review their application for credit, saving time and internal resources. ApplyEasy also prefills some information, removing the risk of human error and making it even easier for the customer to complete.

For a business that values customer service as high as Florabelle, this was a game changer.

In their own words:

“ApplyEasy unequivocally promotes efficiency and greater control of accounts, and in turn, allows us to focus on other areas by freeing up capacity.”

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