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Location: Sydney

Customer since: 2017

Company size: 200+ employees

About Kirby

Kirby became a CreditorWatch customer in 2017 when it was known as Heatcraft Australia. The business became known as Kirby in 2018 when it was bought by Beijer Ref AB, but still boasts a proud history in the Australian refrigeration and air conditioning industries.

Kirby manufactures and distributes a range of refrigeration and HVAC equipment, tools and parts through a wholesale network of over 60 branches across Australia.

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Their Problem

Before using ApplyEasy, Kirby's customers were forced to complete an 18-page paper credit application form. The process would include printing the forms and asking the customer to fill it out, scan it and send it back.

It was a time consuming process for both the customer and Kirby that cost thousands of dollars per year in paper and printing.

If one thousand people applied per year, that would be equivalent to 18,000 pages of printer paper.



Our Solution

Jason, Credit Manager at Kirby, made it his mission to streamline and improve the accuracy of the business' credit applications with ApplyEasy.

Geotagging was also set up so that customers could apply online and be directed to the nearest branch.

Jason says:

"After the set-up, we had everyone who would use ApplyEasy - brand managers and staff - test it. Everyone said it was easy and straight forward to use."

This made credit applications faster for both customers and Kirby staff. By combining ApplyEasy with CreditorWatch's monitoring and alert function, Kirby saved money on credit reporting costs and up to $770,000 on trade insurance.


"Branches noticed a considerable reduction in paperwork. Most importantly, staff had more time to spend with customers." - Jason, Kirby


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