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Credit Reporting Tailored to Your Business

Review a customer’s credit rating, learn how they pay their bills, and opt to monitor and receive alerts when important changes occur.

CreditorWatch is an innovative, online platform which provides credit risk information on every business entity in Australia. It provides you with a clearer understanding of your customers, the suppliers and the risk they represent. Protect your business from bad debt with credit scores, credit reports, monitoring and alerts and debt collection tools. Our enterprise plan provides more flexibility and a greater level of support to ensure you get the most out of your account

With ApplyEasy, you can transform your paper credit application process into an online form. This simplifies the credit application process for your customer and improves your internal credit process. Eliminate mistakes and reduce the time it takes to approve an application. Automated decision making is available, enabling you to make an immediate credit decision. Customise your online application and access a personal dashboard and inbox to assist with the approval and rejection process.

Better manage your security interests with an easy to use interface. Create, manage and renew PPS registrations with CreditorWatch’s PPSR Logic. Navigate the condensed registration with ease, lodge registrations in bulk, review for accuracy and integrate with ApplyEasy. Amend registrations without starting over, import existing PPSR and receive renewal reminders. With the seven-year anniversary of PPS registrations fast approaching from January 2019 and onwards, now is the perfect time to think about your current and future registrations.

CreditorWatch API allows you to seamlessly and securely integrate our products directly into your ERP, CRM or third-party system. By using CreditorWatch API, you can integrate credit reports, credit scores, risk alerts, payment predictor, ASIC company extracts, ABN/ACN verification, PPSR, ApplyEasy and Personal Name Extract. Easy to install, CreditorWatch API will enable you to access data in real time. Automatically create client accounts and pre-populate fields. This will save time on manual entry, reduce administration costs and improve data quality.

Bankruptcy Plus

The Bankruptcy Plus provides a closer look at the individuals behind a business, allowing you to easily identify if an individual, director or guarantor is bankrupt or has previously been bankrupt. With our subscription model, save money by reducing the number of NPII Reports purchased individually. Our high match algorithms deliver a high match – identifying information like multiple name variations and date of birth. Bankruptcy data is integrated into credit reports so that you can easily flag concerning debtors.

DebtorLogic Plus

Stay ahead of oncoming bad debt and manage your credit terms better by understanding the risk a debtor presents to your business. Learn how they pay their bills across the market with easy to read graphs. Debtor Logic appends a credit score and payment predictor to all of your customers and helps you to identify payment trends so you can prioritise your collections. In addition, DebtorLogic Plus flags high-risk debtors in relation to outstanding payments and reveals adverse information.

Data Washing

CreditorWatch’s DataWash provides a comprehensive review of your database, empowering you to easily validate information, identify risky customer and perform due diligence. It provides a visually appealing, in-depth analysis on the enriched database (optional). Utilising large data-sets, DataWash cleanses your customer/supplier databases, appends vital information and provides a clear and updated review of new and existing accounts. Improve the accuracy of your customer database and prepare for integrations, requirements and more.

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