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Credit Reporting Tailored to Your Business

Review a customer’s credit rating, learn how they pay their bills, and opt to monitor and receive alerts when important changes occur.


  • 4 Platforms
  • 26 Data Sources
  • 13.5m Credit Reports
  • 6 Products Available

Protects your business from bad debt with credit scores, credit reports, monitoring and alerts, debt collection tools and registering payment defaults.

Improve your credit process by eliminating mistakes and reduce the time it takes to approve an application. Automated decision making is available, enabling you to make an immediate credit decision.

Better manage your security interests with an easy to use interface. Create, manage and renew PPS registrations, lodge registrations in bulk, review for accuracy and integrate with ApplyEasy.

CreditorWatch API allows you to seamlessly and securely integrate our products directly into your ERP, CRM or third-party system. By using CreditorWatch API, accesscredit reports and risk alerts within your ERP.

Bankruptcy Plus

The Bankruptcy Plus subscription model provides a closer look at the individuals behind a business and proactively flags possible bankruptcies and allows you to search across multiple individuals.

DebtorLogic Plus

Better understand the risk a debtor presents to your business by looking at how they pay their bills across the market. Debtor Logic appends a credit score and payment predictor to all of your customers and helps you to identify payment trends so you can prioritise your collections.

Data Washing

CreditorWatch’s DataWash provides a comprehensive review of your database, empowering you to easily validate information, identify risky customer and perform due diligence. It provides a visually appealing, in-depth analysis on the enriched database (optional).

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