Get paid faster with CreditorWatch's real time credit reports and monitoring services

Debt Collection Tools

Better manage your accounts receivables and get paid faster

Automate correspondence for debt collection and recovery

Generate a variety of formal and professional letter templates for every stage of the collections process.

  • Welcome letter
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Payment overdue notice
  • Final notice
  • Letter of demand
  • 30, 60 and 90 day reminder notices

All customised templates include CreditorWatch branding, a powerful third-party endorsement to strengthen your payment requests.

Additional tools

Make your invoices and statements stand out by attaching a CreditorWatch membership logo to your invoices and statements

CreditorWatch customers have reported a 53% increased chance of receiving payment when they used the CreditorWatch logo.


Increased chance of receiving payment

7 Days

Reduced time to receive payment

Register payment defaults

Let your slow and non-paying customers know that you take debt seriously. Registering a payment default will warn other businesses about poor payment behaviour. This is a useful tool that encourages your customers to pay you faster.

Download the dealing with debtors guide