Get paid faster with CreditorWatch's real time credit reports and monitoring services

Debt Collection Tools

Better manage your accounts receivables and get paid faster

Automate your debt collection process


Debt recovery can be frustrating or time-consuming, but with it doesn't have to be. CreditorWatch’s automated debt collection tools help you get paid faster.

Establishing a clear credit policy is important, but it's only the first step in managing your debtors efficiently and reducing the risk of bad debt

Create a professional rapport with your customers and communicate your trading terms by generating a variety of letter templates for every stage of the collections process.

CreditorWatch's debt collection letter templates include:

  • Welcome letters
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Payment overdue notices
  • Final notices
  • Letters of demand
  • 30, 60 and 90 day reminder notices


Prompt your debtors to pay


The businesses that get paid on time are the ones that have an effective accounts receivable process in place. CreditorWatch streamlines your internal processes and strengthens your payment requests.

All of our customised templates include CreditorWatch branding and you can attach a CreditorWatch membership logo to all your invoices and statements.

This is a powerful third-party endorsement that has proven results in encouraging late-paying debtors to comply.

CreditorWatch customers have reported a 53% increased chance of receiving payment when they used the CreditorWatch logo on their statements.

Learn how effective CreditorWatch’s letter of demand template has been for Ward Packaging in this case study

Register payment defaults against a non-paying customer


Payment defaults are unique to CreditorWatch and remain on a customer’s credit report for up to five years. They are a powerful way of encouraging your customers to pay you faster.

Let slow and non-paying customers know that you take debt seriously by lodging a payment default against them. Registering a payment default also alerts other businesses to poor payment behaviour.

Over 50% of businesses with a payment default go into administration within 18 months.

Download the 'Dealing with Debtors' guide.