Asset protection

Safeguard your assets if your customers go bankrupt

Registering goods on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) means that items sold on credit can be retrieved if a customer’s business fails.

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Saving You Time
and Money

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How does the PPSR provide protection?

Registering on the PPSR can help protect your security interest should any of your customers not pay or go bankrupt.

Being registered can mean you’re first in line to get your goods or money back, instead of at the back of the queue.

If you don’t register, and the debtor goes into administration, often your collateral will form part of the assets to be managed under the administrator, and it can be nearly impossible to claim anything at all.


Renew Registrations

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Efficient PPSR Managment

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Simplify with PPSRLogic

How does
PPSRLogic help?

The government’s PPSR portal is notoriously complicated and difficult to navigate, often resulting in registration errors. One wrong detail could void your protection. It is therefore vital to ensure that all parts of your registration are correct – this is where PPSRLogic comes in.

PPSRLogic is our award-winning, easy-to-use platform that simplifies the creation, management and renewal of PPS registrations to ensure they are accurate, valid and not missing any important information.

What our customers say
“Your platform has made our life easier. When you want to strive for performance and efficiency, a platform like PPSRLogic is a step forward to get there.”
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