Asset protection

Simplify your PPSR registrations

If you supply goods and services or hire equipment on credit terms, protecting your assets with the PPSR (Personal Property Security Register) is essential. The flow-on effect of the loss of goods or money in the event of your customer’s liquidation can be a risk to your credit as well.

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Simplify PPS Management

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Award-winning platform

Simplify the creation, management and renewal of PPSR registrations

CreditorWatch’s PPSRLogic improves the accuracy and efficiency of your registrations with award-winning features.

It is directly linked to the AFSA PPS registry, allowing you to create, manage and discharge your registrations with the click of a button.

PPSR Logic Dashboard


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PPSR Logic Search Function

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Simple Solutions

Streamline PPSR management

The PPSR is notoriously complicated to navigate. One wrong detail could void your entire protection. Trade confidently with PPSRLogic, our innovative platform that simplifies the way you create, manage and renew registrations on the PPSR.

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The Power of PPSRLogic

PPSRLogic is CreditorWatch’s award-winning platform that simplifies the way you create, manage and renew PPSR registrations.

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Customer Stories
“PPSRLogic is so simple and easy to use, but if I do need assistance, I can get support straight away.”

PPSRLogic allows Prospa to create, manage and renew PPS registrations faster than ever before. Zoe estimates the award-winning product has saved her team five to seven minutes per registration. She describes PPSRLogic as a “game changer”.

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Zoe Treadgold
Collections Officer, Prospa
55,000+ customers
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