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Market-Leading Credit Risk Management Tools

It pays to know who you’re trusting with your hire equipment. CreditorWatch’s powerful tools help you protect your assets by reducing the risk of hiring and leasing goods.

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Know who’s hiring your equipment

Uncover hidden risks and make better decisions

Use CreditorWatch’s exclusive risk insights to learn who you’re really dealing with. Our tools draw on 11 million trade lines of data, helping you conduct full credit checks to make an informed decision before you extend credit terms. Understand exactly who you’re working with by validating customer information and understanding how likely they are to pay.

Accurately predict credit and payment risk and adjust credit limits and payment terms before issues arise. Get real-time notifications about adverse information and act quickly to stop problems from escalating.

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In-depth Customer Monitoring

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Manage PPS Registrations

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Faster, safer asset management

Protect your assets if a debtor becomes insolvent. PPSRLogic is our award-winning platform that simplifies the way you create, manage and renew your security interests. Protect yourself against losses and bad debt. Retain ownership of goods and ensure you’re protected against pay-back demands from liquidators.


Streamline customer onboarding

ApplyEasy streamlines your customer onboarding process by replacing paper-based manual processes with a simple online form. Automate credit checks, trade reference checks and decision-making. Check and validate data in real-time and use the intuitive dashboard to speed up approvals and decisions.

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Assess New Customers

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Secure your assets
and improve cash flow

Make more confident credit decisions when you level up your due diligence with CreditorWatch.

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What our customers say

Within 15 minutes of receiving an application, we can process it, approve it, register it with PPSR, and send the customer a welcome pack.”

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