Improve cash flow and boost your manufacturing capability

CreditorWatch helps you manufacture more by freeing up cash flow and removing risk from your supply chain. Use our tools to conduct due diligence and proactively mitigate risks associated with your customers and suppliers.

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Risk Mitigation

Stay one step ahead

CreditorWatch provides powerful financial and credit risk insights about every commercial business in Australia. Tools like RiskScore can accurately predict a company’s likelihood of failure, while Payment Rating helps you understand payment risk based on past behaviour.

Conduct director due diligence to learn exactly who you’re working with, and reveal warning signs like cross directorships, bankruptcies and illegal phoenixing.

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Risk Score
Payment Predictor

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Understanding Payment Trends

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Proactive debtor management

DebtorLogic is an interactive tool that analyses your aged trial balance to uncover customer payment trends. Discover how you’re being paid in comparison to the market and identify high-risk debtors. Prioritise slow payers, automate debt collections and get paid faster with our tools and templates.


Automate credit applications

ApplyEasy streamlines your customer setup process by replacing time-consuming paper credit applications with a smart online tool.

Automate credit checks, trade reference checks and set up internal decision-making with customised logic flows. Check and validate data in real-time including ABN, ACN, entity type, directors and length of trading. Use the simple dashboard to speed up approvals and decisions.

ApplyEasy integrates with your ERP or CRM – get up and running in 48 hours.

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Saving You Time
and Money

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CreditorWatch for Manufacturers

Protect your business and mitigate risk

Gain a competitive advantage with our unique data and risk insights. Make better decisions to protect and grow your business.

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What our customers say

“I like that I’m updated straight away when another director or company has a payment default against them.”

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