Automated credit applications

Simplify customer onboarding

Moving your paper-based credit applications online with CreditorWatch’s ApplyEasy tool helps you shorten the sales cycle, eliminate manual data entry, reduce risk and fraud and gives your customers a seamless onboarding experience.

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Saving You Time
and Money

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Customised solutions

Make it your own

Personalise the onboarding process with ApplyEasy – customise everything from colours to workflows. Verify applications and assign them to relevant team members for approval. A digital paper trail makes auditing simple.

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Creating Custom Applications

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Save time and money

Cut processing time

Implementing ApplyEasy streamlines the customer onboarding process, removes common mistakes and reduces processing times by 50%.

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Assess New Customers

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Better for you, better for your clients

ApplyEasy is a secure and customisable platform that can be built to your business’s needs, allowing for automated application approvals, customer monitoring and PPSR registrations.

Seamlessly integrate into the rest of the CreditorWatch platform and save your, and your client’s, time with the onboarding process.

What our customers say
“With ApplyEasy, we have definitely found that our online forms are completed and lodged much more quickly than their manual counterparts.”
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Joe Caprara
Managing Director, Cassaform
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