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Banjo Loans uses CreditorWatch’s API Integration to get faster access to accurate data.
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About Banjo Loans

Banjo is an online lender that provides loans to small and medium Australian businesses.

They’re a smart and savvy online company that still offer a customer-first approach and old-fashioned service from experienced financial specialists.

Banjo Loans serve some of the 2.2 million small businesses that make up the Australian economy. Their customers are the 51% of small business owners who have no lending product other than a credit card, helping them realise their dreams and fuel their financial growth.

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Their Problem

Banjo’s customers rely on them to make the loan application process fast and easy. To do this, Banjo needs reliable data to make quick decisions and maintain their competitiveness in the market.

As an existing CreditorWatch customer, Banjo Loans opted for API Integration to automate their processes and save the team time and money.

Banjo Loans CEO Guy Callaghan says:

“Access to timely and accurate data is key to business survival and key to servicing our clients appropriately.”

By using an API to integrate CreditorWatch data directly into our decision dashboards and credit engines, we save 2-3 hours a week compared to manually looking up and keying in data.
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Our Solution

With API Integration, CreditorWatch’s data is sent directly to Banjo Loans’ CRM. The team can easily determine which leads are suitable customers and filter out unsuitable prospects early in the process.

API Integration also reduces the need to manually enter in data, saving the team up to half a day of work a week and reducing the risk of human error.

CreditorWatch’s API functionality helps Banjo pre-populate forms, speed up the loan application process and easily access their customers’ credit reports and scores.

Our credit management products, including real-time alerts and business monitoring, are available directly on their CRM.

Interested? Learn what API Integration can do for your business.

How Banjo Loans uses CreditorWatch
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