Get paid faster with CreditorWatch's real time credit reports and monitoring services

Business Credit Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor your customers for changes to their credit report that could impact your receivables

What is business credit monitoring?

Business credit reports and credit scores are constantly changing, so it's important to keep track of important alerts and suspicious activity, especially when it can affect your customer's ability to pay on time.

Whether you have one or thousands of customers, CreditorWatch can watch all of them 24/7 so that you don't miss a thing.

What will I get alerted on?

  • Payment defaults
  • Court actions
  • Insolvency notices
  • Mercantile inquiries
  • Administrator or liquidator appointments
  • ABN/ACN changes
  • Company status changes
  • Directors joining or leaving a company
  • Address changes

What are the benefits?

  • Be alerted to businesses that are accumulating debt or defaulting with other suppliers
  • Save time and resources with cost-effective automation
  • Respond to email alerts for real time changes to quickly prevent the risk of bad debt
  • Get time back to focus on growing your business
  • Monitor any business including past and potential customers
  • Sleep well knowing CreditorWatch is keeping a close eye on your customers