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Mumpreneurs receiving $1 million from QLD budget

Young mother working with her son at home

Grants of up to $5,000 are being made available to home-based entrepreneurs in Queensland thanks to a commitment put forward in the Government’s Queensland budget.

$1 million has been allocated under the Queensland entrepreneurs of Tomorrow Home Based Business Program, providing funding for stay-at-home-parents aiming to have their own businesses set up at home.

“We’re so delighted to see Queensland take the initiative to invest in home-based business,” said Katy Garner of AusMumpreneur, a key partner in initiating the landmark grant program.

“Mumpreneurs are generating millions of dollars for the Australian economy and are nimble and resourceful, able to get unique business ideas off the ground quickly. They’re leading the way in digital innovation, imagine what’s possible with a little extra support to get things moving.”

The grant is being made available for those Queensland home business owners with at least one child under the age of twelve – who they care for at least 50 per cent of the time.

Those looking to apply for the grant or interested in more information can visits

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