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Xero & MYOB Accounting Integration

Enhance your accounting packages with CreditorWatch.

Enhance your accounting package

By linking your accounting package we can integrate your Xero or MYOB data into CreditorWatch, to give you a better understanding of which customers you should be doing business with and which ones pose a risk to your business.

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Debtor Analysis

Once linked, CreditorWatch will analyse your outstanding debtors and compare them against their credit files. We’ll then identify those debtors who pose the biggest risk to your business and cash flow.

Automated Credit Checks

After you add a new contact into Xero or MYOB, CreditorWatch will automatically email you a credit report for the new contact.

Name Match

Name Match is a tool developed by CreditorWatch that helps you identify and verify the ABNs of your customers, ensuring you know exactly who you are trading with. It will also update your Xero or MYOB records when a match is identified.

Enriched Credit Reports

When you view the credit file of one of your customers we enrich the profile with your Xero or MYOB data so you can better understand how they have been paying you.

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