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PPSR Insights: The Latest AFSA Data


Start 2019 with the latest AFSA data

Welcome to January 2019, the anniversary of the 7-year PPSR registrations. Have you got your renewals sorted?

If you need some further information to inspire you to get your registrations sorted or just want to scope out the statistics, AFSA has released the quarterly December 2018 PPSR stats.

Highlights of the report

As of December 2018, 189,151 registrations with a length of seven years or less, are due to expire between this January and February 2019.

Registration status:

  • New registrations: 538,000
  • Amendments: 421,517
  • Discharged/removed: 375,285

Registrations by collateral class:

  • 49% are motor vehicles
  • 76% are commercial property

By the end of the September quarter, there were 10,062,456 active registrations and there are 11,808,100 registrations that have expired or have been removed. In total, there are 21,870,556 registrations.

As we are nearing towards the peak of renewals, you should be checking to see which of your PPSR registrations are due to expire if you haven’t already done so. It is also important to check to see if any of your registrations require necessary amendments due to changes in customer circumstances.

PPSR Logic is a valuable platform that can help you better manage your security interests. With PPSR Logic, you can easily import existing registrations and flag which ones are expiring soon. Amendments are also much easier to navigate with this interface. For more information on how PPSR Logic can help you, contact CreditorWatch today.

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