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2015 Telstra NSW Business Awards: And the winner is…

Health food business, Amazonia, stole the title for 2015 Telstra NSW Business of the Year at the awards ceremony in Sydney.

Driven by the same energy and passion that earned their nominations, the room was brimming with excitement as the 24 finalists anticipated the result of the 2015 NSW awards.

Keynote speaker, Carolyn Creswell, set the tone for the evening sharing her own humble and inspiring story of business success which, she said, began “selling lemonade on the front lawn.” Her own experiences, now spanning 22 years as founder of Carmen’s food manufacturer, surely resonated with many in the room.
Carolyn told a captivated audience of entrepreneurs that one of the lessons learned along her journey is to be “completely customer focussed.”

This year’s winners, Amazonia, forged their success selling a range of health foods based on the acai berry ‘superfood’ which includes a ‘sugar crave release spray’ amongst other nutritional supplements.

“Through constant innovation, Amazonia provides what customers are looking for or have not yet been able to attain within the healthcare industry,” Dwayne Martens, founder and owner of Amazonia said.

Will Irving, Telstra Business Group Managing Director and Telstra Business Awards Ambassador said “Amazonia is a very value-driven and highly ethical business that shows good diversity. After suffering the flood damage in 2011, they recovered to become an even better business.”

Individual category winners of the 2015 awards at The Westin, Sydney included Paddington Fitness Business Flow Athletic, iced tea beverage producer Nexba, direct-debit and online payment service Ezypay, and independently-owned Murrumbidgee cotton ginning facility Southern Cotton.

Speaking of the 5 winners, Mr Irving said “The five New South Wales winners are brilliant and inspiring businesses that are being celebrated for innovation, industry leadership, creative use of technology and their contribution to the local economy.”

Amazonia will proceed to the 2015 Telstra Australian Business Awards that will be announced in Sydney on 20 August.

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