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Bigstone Capital and The Interface Financial Group to provide invoice finance services to Australian small businesses

Bigstone Capital, a start-up Australian loan market dedicated to small business, and The Interface Financial Group (IFG), one of the North America’s largest alternative finance sources for small businesses have signed a deal to deliver a flexible invoice finance product funded by peer-to-peer market platform.

As a result of the collaboration, a range of funding solutions will be offered through advisors and direct to small business. The solutions will be offered to Australian small business and will be later rolled out to New Zealand.

Both Bigstone and IFG investor platforms will enable investors to diversify investments across a portfolio of funding products tenures and other criteria, or select individual transactions to invest in.

Boyd Pederson, CEO of Bigstone Capital, said “the team at Bigstone is very excited to be partnering with IFG to help small business owners and investors achieve their goals. This is just the beginning as we are building a range of credit products, supported by proprietary credit methods, models, data and most importantly, a market where a wide range of investors can participate in this new asset class.”

George Shapiro, CEO and Chairman of The Interface Financial Group (IFG), said “for investors, the product provides very good liquidity and strong returns.

“The product is protected by the strict credit underwriting, security standards and industry specific processes that IFG has honed over the past 40+ years.

Mr Shapiro said IFG has funded billions of dollars, supporting thousands of businesses in 9 countries around the world to address cash flow funding since its introduction to the US, Canada and the UK in 2014.

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