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Businesses more confident under Turnbull’s leadership

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A survey of over 1,200 businesses across Australia has revealed that 45 per cent of businesses are more confident under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership with only 11 per cent reporting to be less confident.

The report, produced by local services marketplace represents the largest insight into business confidence and economic sentiment this quarter. CEO, Jeremy Levitt, told Dynamic Business that “the survey results support the view that Turnbull is good for business.

“As an effective communicator and successful entrepreneur himself, businesses are more confident that Australia will be taken seriously on the global stage. We finally have the right leader who understands commerce, disruption and innovation and will support the country with effective policies as Australia pivots away from resources into new areas of growth.

Much wider impacts are also expected following this shift in sentiment. Over 60 per cent of businesses confident with Turnbull are expected to increase their number of employees over the next 12 months and almost 50% of respondents said they would encourage other entrepreneurs to set up a new business under Turnbull’s leadership.

Mr Levitt said “businesses will be more confident to invest in their own business and hire new employees which will in turn stimulate the economy and reduce the unemployment rate.”

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