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Meet Nebras Sawalha our Head of Digital Growth

Meet the crew - Nebras Sawalha

Meet Nebras Sawalha, Head of Digital Product Growth

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1.What is your role/position at CreditorWatch?

Head of Digital Product Growth.

2.What is the main purpose and aims of your role/position?

To lead, mentor and build the Performance Marketing team as well as working together to create a world-class performance marketing capability.

To drive digital growth, innovation and serve as a cross-functional change agent across the organisation. My role is to set and implement digital growth strategies and roadmaps by working with cross-functional partners to map and scale digital growth.

The aim of the role is to build, execute and scale cross platform customer acquisition strategies. I have a strong UX/ CX background and data-led decision making, spanning the full marketing technology suite, analytics, content management systems, performance, CRO, SEO, marketing automation, social, personalisation and digital media.

My role is also to identify and actively investigate high-potential channels to test and incorporate into the broad acquisition plan. The aim of my role is to set growth and performance benchmarks, and establish analytics and dashboarding for KPIs per channel.

3.What made you want to become part of the team at CreditorWatch?

The warmth, great culture and professionalism of the CreditorWatch exec and management team. I think CreditorWatch operate in a very interesting space and I am interested in both the tech and financial industries.

4.What is your favourite aspect about the work culture at CreditorWatch?

The organisation genuinely cares for the welfare of its staff and has a love of its customers. Yes CreditorWatch has a customer love day..

5.What does teamwork mean to you?

Teamwork to me is about having collaborative environment through strong open communication, an ethical exchange of work talk, workplace banter, distribution of roles, responsibilities and accountability. Ultimately, teamwork is about being selfless and about focusing on the end goal.

6.What is an interesting side to your personality that most people don’t know? – a talent or an interesting fact?

I have a creative side, I love cooking, pottery making, black smithing, drawing and singing. I think it’s important to have a hobby and to have down time where you can unwind and re-charge. My love for cooking goes beyond the hobby – I’m a feeder and love sharing with others.

7.In your opinion, what’s the greatest tech innovation to ever come to market?

I’m a sucker for everything tech. I think the internet is by far the greatest tech innovation to ever come to market, it is an innovation that has transformed how we live from how we communicate, shop, work and learn. The internet is still in its infancy and has not reached its full potential yet. I can’t wait to see how the advancement in Ai, robotics and networking / internet will transform how we live even further.

8.Who or what inspires you?

My wife Liz, my mother Nadia and my Father Yousef all inspire me.

My father started from nothing and became a successful surgeon. I unfortunately lost my father more than 15 years ago but he was my role model. From a young age he used to tell me “If you haven’t tried Nebras you haven’t lived, it’s okay to make mistakes, it means you are actually trying. Hang in there, wake up early, work hard, be bold and mighty forces will come to aid you”.

In other words, he always believed in not giving up and making the best of today. He used to love inspirational quotes, one of his favourites and mine now is “Remember today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday” Dale Carnegie.

Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Bridget joined CreditorWatch as Coordinator of Communications and Marketing in June 2021. She is passionate about developing and communicating content that assists businesses of all sizes to be supported and protected to grow.
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